Have you ever had a vision, dream or a calling from God? And even though you clearly knew the WHAT you did not yet know the WHEN? In other words, have you ever experienced the feeling like being at the start of a race with the finish line gleaming in the distance, but you’re waiting and waiting for the starting gun?

That has been our story for the last three years. God impressed the WHAT on our hearts  in 2015. We have been burdened for all of the students and young people in Maasin City, and not just those teens within our local church network. But God only revealed the WHEN to us just recently.

When then, and what is it, you might wonder? Our dear friends, the time is NOW! And here is the calling:


The Vision

The WHAT is a student center, a HUB. It will serve high school and college students who come to Maasin City for schooling. The HUB will be a place to gather, to grow, to ask tough questions, to pursue faith, and to meet Jesus!

HUB is an acronym that stands for:

H – Hangout
U – Understand
B – Believe

The HUB’s goals are to:
1) Provide a safe environment for young people to connect and find acceptance.
2) Give youth free access to a wide range of literature to read, research and learn (through Libró Maasin).
3) Encourage young people to love God, others, and their country (through outreach, volunteer opportunities, discipleship and youth-specific ministries).

The other part of our exciting WHAT is a family library. Libró Maasin will be the first lending library open to the public in Maasin City. Families in our city do not have shelves of books at home or the resources to purchase them. This part of the vision God started to fulfill through the generous donations of about 1,000 books (as of August 2018) from faithful partners in the U.S.

We have something for every reader, with titles ranging from children’s board books and early readers, to more advanced subjects covering theology, apologetics, world history, science, counseling, family life and classical literature. Libró Maasin’s goal is to promote literacy, love of God and love of country for every Maasinhon.



We can confidently say the time is now, because earlier in 2018 the Lord confirmed the vision to set up the HUB in the hearts of our local church’s ministry team leaders. Maasin City Alliance Church’s leadership and members have pledged their time, treasure and talent to make the HUB and Libró Maasin library a reality. They are the hands and feet of this ministry on the front lines, but are unable get it launched without the support and resources necessary to give life to this vision.


The Reality

With the planning and preparation for the HUB and Libró Maasin underway, it has been incredibly exciting watching God move people to partner with us in prayer, donating resources or giving sacrificially to finance these projects. However, the biggest challenge right now is actually NOT raising the HUB’s funding goal of $8,000 USD (which will get it up and running for at least a year).

Personally, our biggest challenge and most urgent prayer request is getting us, the Mallorca family, back to Maasin to obey the Lord’s calling on our lives by continuing to serve the city of Maasin and its youth. Our hearts’ deepest desire is to be physically present and serving alongside our church members as the HUB and Library come to life.

However, as of this time, our monthly support level has become insufficient according to Shepherd Staff, our mission sending agency. We literally depend on God for every dollar we receive, with which we feed our family, pay normal bills, tithe and bless our local community. We maintain a standard of living that fits with our community (fishermen, farmers, laborers), and like them we pinch every penny and live less than the western standard. Our family is not able to return until we are at a sustainable level.


Your Opportunity

We are praying for additional individuals, bible studies, community groups and churches to join our team in support of the Lord’s work in Maasin! People like you, willing to partner with us strategically and sacrificially, will enable us to return to the field. We are so thankful for those who have stood with us over the years! Their faithfulness enabled us to serve the last eight years in the Philippines.

If you feel led to partner with us, you can give online a one time or re-occurring gift through Shepherd’s Staff, our sending agency. Shepherd’s Staff handles our financial gifts and distributes our monthly “salary.”   Or if you prefer, click here to mail a check



THANK YOU so much for reading this far and for listening to our hearts! We love you, and are eager to return to Maasin and update you about the ministry’s progress from there soon.

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 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.   1 Peter 4:10-11