Hi!  We’re the Mallorca Family, serving the Lord in Maasin City, Southern Leyte, Philippines!

Hooray you found us!  This is the right place to follow our journey and see what’s happening in our local church. Please visit our blog for recent updates, highlights and prayer requests. You can sign up here to have our updates and emails sent directly to you.

You might be thinking “you’re in “Ma-ah-what?… and where is that?”  God brought us to “Ma-ah-sin” which means “salty” in the local language of Cebuano (Bisaya).

Maasin is a predominately rural city of 85,000 people located at the southern end of Leyte island in the eastern Visayan region of the Philippines.  Check out this landmark map to see key areas in and around Maasin.

What are we doing here?

Our family is on an adventure in obeying the Lord’s calling. We are working alongside the local Pastors and young people in order to grow the youth ministry. We are partnered with Maasin City Alliance Church to serve the student population in Maasin and reach them for Christ. We’re here to build relationships with people, the old, the young, children, leaders, politicians, police, unchurched, religious, the poor and the wealthy.  We’re here to be the hands and feet of Jesus, touching the untouchable, serving the servants, and sharing God’s love with everyone we meet.

Read about what God is doing in Maasin through our new project! If you’re curious how a probinsyano guy and an American girl ended up married and serving together, you can read our story.

We’re so glad you took the time to look us up. We ask that you would keep us in your thoughts and prayers and consider how you can get involved! We are praying for the Lord to bring new partners to this ministry so He is glorified and all of Maasin would join His Kingdom! May God bless you!


Pastor Francis, Laura, Karis & Analyn