Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines

CAMACOP is the largest evangelical Christian denomination in the Philippines. Since its establishment in 1901 in Zamboanga as the Philippine branch of Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA), CAMACOP has grown and spread throughout the Philippines, particularly in Mindanao and Luzon. The Visayas, where we are located, is still in an active church planting stage with the established churches nurturing new plants.


Maasin City Alliance Church

Our local church in Maasin City has been established for 21 years now and we are currently supporting three church plants. MCAC’s senior pastor, Rev. Edwin Villafuerte, has been the lead pastor since 2004, and also serves as the LEYSA (Leyte-Samar) Zone Supervisor.

MCAC is currently part of the CEBOLESA (Cebu-Bohol-Leyte-Samar) District. A goal of the District in the next 3-5 years is to divide so that LESA will be separate as it grows and matures.

The core values of CAMACOP and Maasin City Alliance Church are the same:


“We exist to transform communities and to aggressively disciple the nations by engaging in holistic development ministries; and by planting churches that proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King.”


“We envision transformed communities with mission-driven Christian congregations here and abroad for the glory of God.”

Especially in areas that have only recently become urbanized, like Maasin City, CAMCACOP has responded by focusing on equipping local pastors to be more effective in urban ministry. (Speaking as an outsider, this is tough, considering most of the pastors in our district live in traditional Pinoy housing, without access to the internet in their homes.) Specific training is necessary to train local pastors how to reach up into their communities to the upper-class segment as well as to the working class.



This is accomplished by implementing the program “WIDER” across all of the districts and zones within CAMACOP.  W.I.D.E.R. is the acronym for CAMACOP’s expanded mission statement, as stated below:

“The local church exists to aggressively Win people to Christ, Integrate them into the church life, Disciple them to become responsible citizens, Engage in planting missionary churches and in holistic and developmental ministries, and Rejoicing in worship in the community and beyond for the glory of God.”

  1. WINNING – a process of becoming a BELIEVER in Christ
  2. INTEGRATING – a process of becoming a MEMBER of the body of Christ
  3. DISCIPLING – a process of becoming a MINISTER in the body of Christ
  4. ENGAGING – a process of becoming a CHURCH planting church
  5. REJOICING – a process of becoming a WORSHIPER rejoicing in Christ


As workers in Maasin City Alliance Church, every ministry activity we engage in revolves around one of the key WIDER principles and goals.

To God be the glory!