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You can partner with us in the journey in two key ways: sign up for our newsletter updates and prayer requests so you can stay connected and pray intelligently. And share the resources God has given you by partnering with us financially. In doing so, you extend the reach of the ministry through your gifts and time. And bless us mightily!


Sign up for Newsletter and Prayer Emails

We use a simple mail service to send our newsletter updates. Please use the form below to securely share your contact information with us. We’ll add you to our newsletter and prayer requests emails which we send monthly.

This is the best way for you to stay informed about the prayer concerns related to the church, youth and deaf ministries we actively serve in. And be in the know about our family life and what God is doing here. Thanks for praying with us dear friends! 

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Financial Partnership

After eight years in ministry, our financial needs have changed. Our monthly support level has become insufficient according to Shepherd Staff, our mission sending agency. We literally depend on God for every dollar we receive, with which we feed our family, pay normal bills, tithe and bless our local community. We maintain a standard of living that fits with our community (fishermen, farmers, laborers), and like them we pinch every penny and live less than the western standard. Our family is not able to return until we are at a sustainable level.

At this point (August 2018) we are short $1,000 a month what we believe God intends to provide for our household of 5 for personal and ministry use. A little goes a long way for us. A gift of $100 a month covers our house rent or our ministry gasoline expenses!

Personally, our biggest challenge and most urgent prayer request is getting us, the Mallorca family, back to Maasin to obey the Lord’s calling on our lives by continuing to serve the city of Maasin and its youth. Our hearts’ deepest desire is to be physically present and serving alongside our church members as the HUB and Library come to life.


Shepherd Staff Mission Facilitators (SSMFI) handles our financial support and distributes our monthly “salary” to us. They’ve taken very good care of us and we’re glad to be partners with their organization!


For financial gifts and partnership, click the links below:

Missionary Profile: Acct#2017 Francis and Laura Mallorca
GIVE: Online Donation Portal (for online one-time or to schedule re-occurring gifts)

MAIL: for checks
Payable to Shepherd’s Staff
Memo line: Acct #2017 Mallorca
Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators
6739 Academy Road NE, Suite 320
Albuquerque, NM 87109


Other Major Personal Needs

Separate from our monthly budget and expenses, and ministry goals, we have one-time major needs that we’re earnestly praying will be met this year.

KITCHEN – Last November 2016, we experienced the catastrophic collapse of our kitchen cabinetry (read about it here.) We’re raising $500 in funds to rebuild the main kitchen cabinet which until now remains a vacant wall. The money will cover the wood, trim and labor to build the new cabinet with skilled carpenters. We already have the paint and door knobs on hand.


BEDROOM – We’ve only ever had a single “family” bed in the small bedroom we share with our two kids. Now that our kids are growing and need space, we’re praying for $500 in funds to hire a carpenter to build a full-size wood lofted bed frame and buy mattresses for the kids. Mom and Dads will be on top and the kids will be below. Yay for better, restful sleep!




We’re better together –
with your partnership, we can do so much more!
God bless you!